Korean BBQ in Queens

We started coming to Mapo BBQ after seeing it recommended in a NYT article. We’re actually very familiar with this little nexus of Korean restaurants in Flushing. We’ve been going to Hahm Ji Bachdown the block for years. Mapo has a more casual and homey atmosphere, created by the all-women wait staff and the friendly matriarch that seems to run the place. The place draws a range of diners, from packs of hungry young 20-somethings instagramming their food to Korean and Chinese families with young kids to old Korean men deep in conversation. Ultimately it’s the food that connects us. The kalbi is tender and tasty, the sides are varied and replenished. Our six year old son loves the steamed egg dish and they will often bring him a second one on the house. In other words, it’s a place where you feel taken care of. There’s usually a line to get in since it’s a relatively small restaurant, but we’ve always found it worth the wait. 

-Contributed by Elizabeth Kim